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Scottish Collie Club now runs a Puppy Register Service to help with the sale of your puppies.    We are constantly receiving enquiries about available puppies.  Tell us about your litters and we can help you find good homes for them.

If you are looking for a puppy follow this link to the information on puppies available at the moment.

 Any donations for this service would be gratefully appreciated and all money collected will be forwarded to Collie Rescue.


1.    The seller must be a fully paid up member of The Scottish Collie Club.

2.    The seller will notify the Named Official of any puppies they have for sale at their earliest convenience.

3.    The seller will keep the Named Official abreast of availability of puppies.

4.    The seller must agree to mate Bitches and rear puppies in accordance with Kennel Club Rules and Regulations, also club guidelines as listed below.

The seller must only present healthy well-reared puppies through this scheme.   A certificate of worming, Pedigree, Diet Sheet and Registration Document must be provided to the Buyer. All known medical problems must be declared to the buyer.   The seller should satisfy themselves that the prospective purchasers are suitable people who will give the puppy a good permanent home.  The seller will take back or actively help in the re-homing of a dog which they bred or owned.